Engaged Neighbor Program Continues to Earn Awards


The Engaged Neighbor Program has, since day one, being recognized with various local, state and national awards. This recognition supports the effort and the idea and the impact of the work. Here is a listing of those awards with links to stories when appropriate.

David Burton is recognized as the “Rising Star for the Year” at Neighborhood Organizations and Volunteer Awards program by Community Partnership of the Ozarks, December 2023.

“Engaged Neighbor Program." is named Outstanding Program of the Year (2023) by the University of Missouri Extension Association. October 2023.

Missouri Good Neighbor Week is named Neighborhood Program of the Year for the United States. Announced May 13, 2023 at national conference of Neighborhoods USA. Details here.

First place for digital and printed neighborhood newsletters at Neighborhoods USA conference (2023)

Earned five different awards at the Neighborhoods USA conference (2022) in Little Rock, Arkansas. This included awards for neighborhood programs and for newsletters. Details here.

University of Missouri Extension Association (UMEA), Outstanding Program Award (2021), Team award for Neighborhood Leadership Academy.

Vice Chancellor’s Diversity Award, Team: Neighborhood Leadership Academy team (2021)

University of Missouri Extension Association (UMEA), Outstanding Engagement Award (2019), individual award.

University of Missouri Extension Association, Outstanding Program Award (2018), Greene County Neighborhood EXCEL Leadership Program, individual award.


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