Holidays for Neighboring


Neighboring is worth celebrating!

Since 2018, David Burton has been leading local and national efforts to create and celebrate neighboring-related holidays and create websites related to these celebrations. Check out these examples. Or better yet, bookmark these websites!

National Good Neighbor Day

This is a national holiday declared by President Jimmy Carter. Several groups work together nationwide to raise interest in this holiday and to document the impact of celebrating the date.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day

Mister Roger's birthday is on March 20. So we celebrate Won't You Be My Neighbor Day in his honor by promoting acts of kindness toward neighbors.

Missouri Good Neighbor Week

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a bill in 2021 creating Missouri Good Neighbor Week (Sept. 28 to Oct. 4). The goal of this holiday is to document and celebrate acts of neighboring and engaged neighbors in Missouri. Selected in 2023 as the Best Neighboring Program in America! 

Show-Me Neighborhood Art Week

This special event is held during the first two weeks of June. The purpose is to encourage the creation of public art for display in your yard. Prizes awarded in various categories. Register at


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